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99 Accounts - Multi Accounts description

Use as a virtual OS on your mobile phone, 99 Accounts allows you to run 99 accounts of the same app simultaneously on a single phone, by making user as many as you want !Feature in 99 accounts:★ One app, 99 Accounts: Support most Instant Games & Social Network APPs.Our 99 accounts work simultaneously on one device.★ Almost all apps are supported for a parallel account, and each account works independent of the other.★ Strike a balance between personal and professional life easily.★ Multiple Game Account Experience.★ Have countless fun (More than 99 Accounts) with one app on a single device.★ 99 Accounts is designed for users to gain instant simultaneous access to 99 accounts on their social, gaming and messaging platforms on a single device.FEATURES:- Small size and Low CPU Consume.- We Provide Zero data conflict with independent storage for each account.- 99 Account is Well-built, stylish interface, a friendly and easy-to-use experience.- 99 Accounts does not interfere with personal data of your account. Rather it creates an Virtual parallel space for every app it runs in user Account that can be more than 99 Users.- IN apps like WhatsApp , which require a phone number verification to sign up, you should have different numbers in order to create 99 accounts or Multiple accounts.Use 99 Account For to Run :Multiple account in whatsapp.Multiple account in viber.Multiple account in twitter.Multiple account in facebook.Multiple account in instagram.Multiple account in clash of clans.Multiple account in taken.Multiple account in game.Multi account in whatsapp.Multi account in viber.Multi account in twitter.Multi account in facebook.Multi account in instagram.Multi account in clash of clans.Multi account in taken.Multi account in game.Multi accounts in whatsapp.Multi accounts in viber.Multi accounts in twitter.Multi accounts in facebook.Multi accounts in instagram.Multi accounts in clash of clans.Multi accounts in taken.Multi accounts in game.Multiple accounts in whatsapp.Multiple accounts in viber.Multiple accounts in twitter.Multiple accounts in facebook.Multiple accounts in instagram.Multiple accounts in clash of clans.Multiple accounts in taken.Multiple accounts in game.So Now you can run 100 instances of any app at the same time. It provides better functionality and smoothness than other multi accounts app. You can have as many accounts as you like for any app.Feel free to contact us anytime on our email AdvaitaGeek@gmail.com Learn More

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