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ATI GS1 Pharma Barcode Decoder description

ATI GS1 Pharma Bar code Decoder, is not just barcode scanner, but it’s a decoder app. We have tried to cover as many as GS1 AI’s (Application Identifiers) used in Pharmaceutical Industry. When you scan 1D or 2D barcode, it gives you output of value stored as string in barcode + FNC (Function 1 Symbol) / GS (Group Separator) in red color as well as decodes all AI’s giving your separate values with labels. You can also write comments on result screen, store scanned barcode history and share via other mobile apps. Currently our app supports GS1 DataMatrix and GS1 128 Symbology of GS1 barcoding standards.Current version of our app can only decode bar codes, which are starting with AI (01), (02) or (00).Thus making it very useful for QA, Packaging & Production Teams. It’s completely FREE app and without advertisement. We assure you to keep updating this app with latest regulatory requirements.General Instructions:For Scanning 1D / 2D barcode, click on the appropriate button on the home screen. 2D barcode can be scanned in any orientation while 1D barcode should be scanned in landscape mode only.- Always try to keep barcode at center of the camera scanning area.- Try to focus camera & do not shake for faster scanning & decoding.- Only correct GS1 Symbology barcode will be decoded else you will see errors.- Below is the list of GS1 Application Identifiers, which our app can decode:SSCC (00), GTIN (01) & (02), Production Date (11), Packaging Date (13), Best Before Date (15), Expiry Date (17), Batch/Lot No. (10), Serial Number (21), Count of Items (Variable Measure Trade Item) (30), Count of Trace items (37), Secondary Serial Number (250), NHRN Germany PZN (710), NHRN France CIP (711), Spain CN (712), Brasil DRN (713), Expiration Date and Time (7003), Date and Time of Production (8008), Extended Packaging URL (8200).- Function 1 symbol character (FNC1) and Group Separator (GS) should be used as per GS1 guidelines of barcoding for proper decoding.Storing & Scanning- All scanned 1D & 2D barcodes are kept in history.- History can store last 100 results of 1D and last 100 results of 2D, but if you share, the shared screen shot will get stored in gallery under folder /ATI_Barcode_Images.- Sharing of decoded results is designed using Android native facility of competitive apps, which supports for sharing data and all those apps will shown in the list. Learn More

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