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Baby Animals Puzzle description

Baby Animals Puzzle is a fun and educational game that let toddlers and kids have fun and learn at the same time. Toddlers just love it!
Children will memorize animal names, alphabet letters, improve their cognitive and fine motor skills and much more. When a jigsaw puzzle is finished, the name of the animal is shown letter-by-letter, being spelled loudly. Then, the name is pronounced and a rewarding and motivating sound of the animal is played.
Baby Animals Puzzle helps children:
- Learn the name and the sound of animals.
- Learn or get used with the ABC: as animals name are spelled loudly.
- Cognitive skills and Memory: as they solve the problems of the puzzles.
- Fine motor skills: as they interact with the puzzle pieces, pop balloons, etc.
- Emotional skills: they learn patience and are rewarded when they complete the puzzle.
Other features:
- More than 30 different puzzles.
- Each one can be played on easy, normal and hard difficulties.
- 9 different cute animals and pets: cat (kitten), dog (puppy), duck, sheep (lamb), monkey, elephant, frog, owl and pig.
- Balloon celebration when a puzzle is finished.
- Suitable for all family.
- And much more!
Baby Animals Puzzle is suitable for kids, girls and boys, of all ages.

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