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Ben Alien War Hero Action Run description

Ben who looks just like a normal school going kid is not an ordinary kid rather an earth protector. A Special human with some extra super abilities to bring a change and protect the planet. Ben Alien War Hero Action Run is free Ben Alien hero 3d action game for those who can challenge the most catastrophe and ill fortune times to show their skills in escaping the hardships ahead. A free Ultimate Ben hero 3d game recommendation have some immersive 3d graphics with addictive gameplay to escape the fire and dangers on the way to the destination. Ben must avoid slew of fire and obstacles while collecting party blackjack challenge gems to gain much strength and power to fight the ever growing enemy!Ben Alien is trapped on a hill side and all he sees is boiling lava and fire on the sides. Now he has to use his super natural powers which he took from the alien DNA to jump from one peak to another. Ben Alien is now on his way when he jumps after reviewing the environment which is filled with big traps and hurdles. A sound mind is required to analyze the situation and escape these dangerous traps which are life taking. Ben Alien is all set with his natural hero powers (extracted from the special alien DNA) to win this war which is on its end. The survival is the goal and the life is one. Action run is at its peak to find its escape. If fallen in fire, it would burn the hero here. Be careful while crossing the hurdles. The alien combat must be won by the humans.The great thing in Ben Alien War Hero Action Run is that you could collect coins and power ups to increase your powers and abilities. Do not miss on this action opportunity to win this final fight. Survive and escape the ill fortune. The enemies are evil and stone hearted. Enemies want to kill the mankind and rule the world of stones and jewels for their good. Ben Alien is all set to show that we still exit in this world to win the war against evil aliens. So make your mark and cross all the hurdles and traps and be victorious as ultimate earth protecting force warrior.FeaturesFree Alien Ben Hero 3d action GameImmersive environmentReal life sound effectsAddictive gameplayPlenty of dangerous Missions to accomplish Learn More

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