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Block Shooting 3D: Zombie War Online (Survival) - free mobile game sandbox first person shooter on android, the main goal of the game is to survive, battle with blocky walking dead zombies, accumulation of pixel weapons and ammunition, construction of defenses, houses and buildings. In a shooter, you can do crafting things and things. You can play in different game modes, multiplayer and single mode.★★★Key features of the block game:★★★●Single game mode - Test your strengths and explore the terrain!You get into post-apocalypse, choose different cards for the game. You will need to survive, defend yourself from zombie attacks and look for provisions. Try to survive as long as possible, earn points and award the title!●Multiplayer - Fight your friends and other players around the world!●There are several options for online games:♦Co-survival♦ with your friends, fight against zombi monsters together. Arrange competitions in the frags. Build your base or small camp to protect provisions and life, because this can be the last day of all lived in the game!♦Death Match♦ - You will appear in the middle-sized area, with obstacles and shelters. Destroy your enemies, change your weapons, ax, gun, automatic, shotgun, rifle with a sight and excellent optics. For the time allotted to the match, the player must score the maximum number of frags and at the end of the match he will be declared the winner.●Craft - Create new things for survival!●Create tools for crafting, building and surviving. Create a bones, bed, table and chair, chest and even tools or weapons to protect or attack the enemy.●Pixel Weapons - Choose the most convenient weapon for you!●Ax - for effective close combat with the enemy. Pistol - can fire both single shots, and in semi-automatic mode. Shotgun is a powerful weapon that can eliminate zombies from close range. A rifle is always useful in survival, you can destroy an enemy from a long distance with an optical sight, even before you can find it. Automatic - in the game a large selection of automatic weapons, with this arsenal, you can fight off a large number of monsters and enemies. Grenade - will rip all enemies in the field of an explosive shell.●Construction - Build protective barricades in the simulator!●Before construction, explore the terrain for the most favorable location. A camp, shelter, house, building or military base is all available for construction. You can build any building you can think of. The main thing is to look after the resources, regularly extract all necessary resources, a brick block, a block of stone, a block of land and other necessary blocks of craft.●Armor - Protect yourself from bullets!●The defense will save you and give you time to strike back at the enemy. Especially the armor is relevant during a multiplayer game.●Tree cutting - Explore the countryside and get resources as a woodcutter!●The most important thing in building and crafting the cultivation of wooden things and boards is the harvesting of the tree. You can get a tree in the game, only with the help of an ax. Or you can find the blanks in the form of respawn loot or from the things of another player.●Harvesting●Cultivate the earth, sow seeds and reap the fruits of your labors. This will replace your hunting and make your survival more productive.●Cooking●You can cook food on fire. Make a bonfire and cook the meat after a long hunt for game. After processing, food will add more lives than raw.●Hunting games●If you can not find food, then you will have to get it in the forest. Accurately track down the prey, quickly pierce it and cook it on fire!Rather, join the new battle on the wilderness in the Block Shooting Online! Learn More

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