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BlueSkies Weather Forecast description

BlueSkies provides real time weather data from around the Globe. What makes a difference between this and other weather apps are the sources which are being used. BlueSkies uses wide range of data sources (listed below) which are aggregated together to provide the most accurate forecast possible for a given location.
The Dark Sky Company, LLC is to be thanked for providing the API for weather conditions. This application simply uses it to display data on your Android device. BlueSkies is developed independently and for free. The Dark Sky Company provides 1000 forecast views per user account daily for free, therefore everyone should register their own account. This is to be done during the first use of application.
For registration you need an e-mail address and the whole process is done within app in a minute.
In case the app doesn't automatically recognize API key from registration page it is due to JavaScript issues and you should copy and paste the key manually(Settings->Change API Key). The registration page URL is:
Terms of Service issued by The Dark Sky Company, LLC also apply to this application.

Some of the main features are:
-Hour-by-hour forecasts out to 48 hours
-Day-by-day forecasts out to 7 days
-Temperature graph
-"Time Machine" forecast - data for 60 years in the past to 10 years in the future - possible to enter in app
-Choose between Si or Imperial units
-GPS detection of current location and providing data for that location
-Entering location name and providing data for that location
-Automatic registration from within the app

Data sources:
Dark Sky’s own hyperlocal precipitation forecasting system, backed by radar data from the following systems:
The USA NOAA’s NEXRAD system (USA).
The UK Met Office’s NIMROD system (UK, Ireland).
The USA NOAA’s LAMP system (USA, id lamp).
The UK Met Office’s Datapoint API (UK, id datapoint).
The Norwegian Meteorological Institute’s meteorological forecast API (global, id metno).
The USA NOAA’s Global Forecast System (global, id gfs).
The USA NOAA’s Integrated Surface Database (global, id isd).
The USA NOAA’s Public Alert system (USA, id nwspa).
The UK Met Office’s Severe Weather Warning system (UK, id metwarn).
Environment Canada’s Canadian Meteorological Center ensemble model (global, id cmc).
The US Navy’s Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Ensemble Forecast System (global, id fnmoc).
The USA NOAA and Environment Canada’s North American Ensemble Forecast System (global, id naefs).
The USA NOAA’s North American Mesoscale Model (North America, id nam).
The USA NOAA’s Rapid Refresh Model (North America, id rap).
The Norwegian Meteorological Institute’s GRIB file forecast for Central Europe (Europe, id metno_ce).
The Norwegian Meteorological Institute’s GRIB file forecast for Northern Europe (Europe, id metno_ne).
Worldwide METAR weather reports (global, id metar).

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BlueSkies Weather Forecast

BlueSkies Weather Forecast


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