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Bubble Fair is a Bubble Shooter Game, that has 8 bubble games to play.Choose from Hearts, Butterflies, Cool Cats, Emoji, Gemstones, The Planets, Shooting Stars, and Christmas Bubbles.Tap the screen where you want the bubble on the shooting platform to go. If the bubble collides with another bubble of the same kind, and there are at least 2 of them already touching, they will pop, otherwise the bubble you shot will be added to the level.Unlike other bubble games, the bubbles are not attached to the ceiling that fall once disconnected. However the game will not allow 1 bubble to stand alone, except at the top of the level. So if you shoot a bubble at a group of 2 similar bubbles, and 1 different bubble, all will pop. If it's 2 similar and 2 different, then the different bubbles will remain.There are 100 unique levels of bubbles to pop, that's per game ! 700 levels in all ! Levels contain from as few a 3 different types of bubbles, all the way up to a maximum of different 8 types.SCORING - Each bubble that is popped is worth 10 points multiplied by the level that you are on. So level 1 bubbles are worth 10 points, and level 100 bubbles are worth 1000 points each.IMMEDIATE BONUSES - Pop five for more bubbles and receive an immediate bonus. The bonus is 15 points times the level number times the number of bubbles popped.LEVEL BONUSES - If you clear all the bubbles on the level, you will receive a level bonus based on your performance. The fewer bubbles shot to clear the level, the higher the bonus.GAME OVER - The game ends when the lowest bubble in the level drops below the top of the bubble on the platform. Your progress up the to current level is saved. The next game begins at the beginning of the most recent level achieved.Watch out, after 10 seconds of inactivity, the bubbles will get closer by the diameter of a bubble. This also happens after every 10 bubbles are shot.LEADERBOARD - The Game Center Leaderboard will allow you to compete with your friends. All 8 games have their own leaderboard ! Top them all.ACHIEVEMENTS - 7 of the bubble games in Bubble Fair, has 5 achievements to reach. There are 35 in total. Learn More

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