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Cartel Master: Crime City description

Here comes the latest addition to cartel games having the unique concept of battle with crime cartel kings. We bring you one of the latest cartel legend crime city game, which includes 5 thrilling missions of big union assassination. This cartel legend crime city can throw you right into the action, so stick to your aim and continue the intense shooting until and unless you kill all the cartel kings. Here we add uniqueness to cartel games where you are about to enter a massive enemy frontier being led by powerful cartel legend and the only way to survive is by making the right decisions. Prove yourself to be a daring contract killer and thrive to survive in CARTEL MASTER: CRIME CITY. The contract killer will be provided with five individual target killing missions. In each level, a specified number of enemies have to be killed. The game will start off by giving an option of gun selection for the user to select the best gun for shooting. In every level, the contract killer will be given a definite mission, which needs to be completed before moving on to the next level. Four realistic environments will be provided in all levels. In all levels, the contract killer will be provided with zoom and shooting buttons to kill the enemy. Once the contract killer has killed the exact number of targets in the level, the mission will be accomplished and the next level will be started. The contract killer will be able to earn $100 for killing one individual target. In the last level, the contract killer will get to kill the cartel king and once the king is eliminated, the game will be complete.Stay alive to complete your assigned mission and gain success as the fierce cartel legend crime city contract killer. Brutally kill the cartel kings by making use of realistic weapons and make your way till the end. So, get ready to have some action fun in CARTEL MASTER: CRIME CITY, one of the newest cartel games! Learn More

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