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Here comes the famous carnival as Brazil partakes in Christmas festivities as a traditional way by decorating the Christmas tree with various embellishments and arranging a grand Carnival for all to participate and get amused. This time the famous carnival of Rio has been organized in a joy land with rides and swings all around. As everyone is happy and busy in the joy they are getting from the Christmas carnival arranged in Rio de Janeiro, there is also a creepy clown there who is riding the freaky swings and doing his evil job. As you enter the carnival being the security to protect it from any unforeseen misfortune, you see a creepy clown laughing devilish and showing some unusual signs of body language.As you are the security you have different tasks to perform and you got to make sure that nothing is going fishy around. The clown has a weapon and yes he is trying to hurt and kill people, oh my God what is it? Well now you got to take some actions as his real face is unknown to you and it is crowd in the carnival indulged in their amusement. But anyway you have to stop the notorious activity and arrest or kill the bad man. He wants to escape from all this crime. Make his escape fail and catch him. Criminal clown is a bad man. Don’t let this criminal activity a hurdle in the amusement of folks.Being the police officer you have to maintain the security and harmony of the grand carnival of Rio and make sure that the creepy criminal clown hurts no one. It is an hour of need where you have to prove your skills which were taught to you by the police department. The evil clown won’t be visible all the time as its crowded place. This Crime has to be stopped and it is a mission for you to complete. Give pick and drop to the people and snatch his stick and gun and weapons which he has.This free 3D game is unique and compatible with different smart phones, its amusing addictive gameplay won’t let you leave the game.FeaturesAmazing 3D environmentReal life sounds effectsMap facilityMissions to accomplishLimited time to completeCollect Bonus upon clearing a levelChance to be a Police manAddictive and challenging gameplay Learn More

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