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When the enemy tries to occupy your land you must have to blow back and give them some damage to repair as well. You are the one man who is up to the most horrific war of the terror, domination, cruelty and brutality. As a sole warrior to infiltrate in enemy lands and get inside an army base, you are fighting on the frontline battlefield and pretty much the last hope of the nation. Against the ruthless enemy, you need a special skill of survival and you must avenge every one of your dead men. Action Overcharged:To wage the extra thrilling, mesmerizing to a war dog eye and the most horrific war on the enemy you must be willing to take the extreme steps. Get the heaviest and largest arsenal and kill every God damn enemy of yours at sight. Best comebacks from enemy’s heavy artillery and this war are not just one little battle; it is ongoing and becomes extreme with the passing of each moment. Bones and flesh flying into the air as you take the perfect aim at those heinous and despicable enemies. Shooting Range and power varies from weapon to weapon and you can get the best out of every gun by selecting the best vantage point. Hide and let them shoot first, follow the pattern of enemy’s shooting blow back at the right time. Through some grenades when you can’t get a perfect aim in the oncoming fire. Deadly Weapons:This game is packed with the most lethal and deadliest weapons and stunning firepower. Destroy tanks and begin action in beautiful landings across the enemy occupied area. Bullets flying, blood dropping, rain of blood and sweat absorbing into the soil while explosives are cracking and tanks are shelling. Have no mercy in commando Shoot adventure and dominate the enemy by sending them to hell one by one. Your anger, sense of being suppressed and held down under enemy heels; Take it out with a whipping backlash of aggression towards cruelty and unnecessary killing of innocent. In commando Shoot, Adventure brings down the hell on the enemy, resurrect your nation and be live free or die fight for it. Satellite services providing you the mapping facility take advantage of it, see the enemy on radar and decide who you are killing next. Enemy supremacy will be ended today in Commando Shoot Adventure and with long adventurous campaigns of battle will bring the fruit of peace and freedom. Game Features:• Multiple Weapons• Awesome 3D Graphics• Smooth Gameplay• Best FPS Action ever• Several missions• Easy to Aim and Shoot• Destructive BattlefieldsDownload this game for free at the Google Play store and enjoy the free FPS shooting with the commando Shoot adventure. Don’t forget to give us your feedback on the game later as we appreciate hearing it from you. Learn More

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