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Hello FPS Shooting Games Fans, Welcome to Counter Terrorist 2017, the city is facing certain security threats from some terrorist organizations. Intelligence operation is being operated across the city to find out terrorist hideouts and their facilitators. CID departments reports a suspect building in the city where suspects are hiding and planning their next attacks. You are a trained Special Forces agent, your job is to eliminate the suspects by a counter terrorist strike right now. A highly trained commando will accompany you during the anti-terrorist operation. A Counter Terrorist and counter terrorist strike FPS shooting game in which a soldier fight with the enemy, a 3D counter terrorist shooting simulation game. The game is about counter terrorist missions, counter strike on enemies to destroy enemies and kill all terrorist through counter attack with rapid shooting machine guns, hand grenades and other weapons.As a special agent counter terrorist shooter with a soldier support in combat action again terrorist during the anti-terrorist operation, your job is to protect the city, and shoot all the terrorist to death brutally. Terrorist has occupied some high strategic game buildings and they are planning terrorist attack there, you are assigned on a special anti-terrorist mission by army head quarter special operation forces. Now it’s time to put a counter attack on the terrorist sleeping cells and kill them all.Terrorists are hiding out in a building, Hurry up and shoot all the terrorists down. hit the gun trigger and move to next, throw hand grenades , do it quickly there is short time to do the job, be a super hero and fight with deadly shooters. This is the best counter terrorist sniper shooting games in 3d for shooting players. You are a secret agent kill enemies by counter attach .do a gunship strike on the terrorists, you mission is to shoot and terrorist take down, terrorist will attach back to you, do a deadly anti-terrorist counter attack on the terrorists and take down all. Counter strike the dead terrorist and fight hard as a solider of army forces fighting with terrorist attacks on the border games and counter terrorist games. Counter terrorist Game 3d is a game in which Soldier assigned to do counter terrorist attack while playing counter terrorist games and doing counter terrorist strike, counter terrorist vs terrorist in counter terrorist attack and counter terrorist games to shoot terrorist in counter terrorist shoot. Load you weapons, ready your gun play counter terrorist attack for death and do some counter terrorist attack 3d to eliminate the terrorist in the building.Enemies are on the highly trained and knew all commando action and war games, terrorist strike force to skills in gun shooter 3d counter terrorist strike, firing combat action and fight against counter terrorism force, in battle field. Time is running very fast, you are an anti-terrorist commando, assigned the mission to destroy the enemy’s hideouts across the city, before terrorist do more terrorist attacks in the city. Counter attack them and shoot all of them in a moment , through hand grenades , use machine gun , ak-47 Sniper shooting games in which the soldier fight with the enemy with a gun for sniper shooting games 3d . This is the best sniper shooting games in 3d for shooting players. You are a secret agent, kill enemies by counter terrorist attack.You are assigned to destroy the enemy base camp , Show your counter terrorist commando skills learn in the counter terrorism force training, be a brave soldier , fight for your country and nation, fight for your peoples , fight for peace , kill the deadly enemies and destroy their base camp so that no more threat to civilians life. Game Features:Realistic 3D simulation and challenging missions to accomplishMulti Weapon game Realistic combat action Enemies’ destruction with hand grenadesAddictive game play and environment. Learn More

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