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Deer Browser description

Web browser: A great and fast. It designed in a great way. The safest way to surf the Internet. It moves popular browser feature. best mobile browser. With amazing features everything very easy and simple. Great design. Advanced features. How about a super surf. Quick search and multiple tab. Private browsing mode. Internet browser for Android.
* Present all the features you want in the Settings menu. maximum protection against malicious software.
The best way to surf the Internet. in terms of being very fast in front of you in the searchable information comes second. blocking ads, images and information hiding hiding features available. It protects all your privacy when browsing the Internet. the direction of the small size is the fastest. The simplest way to get the right information. With these applications with superior features at your fingertips with everything you want. Everything is just a click away. Click to navigate webt comfortably. information you want on the Internet, you can easily reach.
The most important thing to hide information when browsing the Internet. In using this application you can protect yourself. Navigate safely.
* Ad blocking feature: In the Settings menu, you can perform this procedure. You can prevent the less spent on the Internet by blocking ads. You can block the ads while browsing the website. Walk around more quickly by blocking ads annoy you guys.
* Flash player streaming video is very easy. Able to watch videos in a relaxed way you want. Vidoe player feature available. button in the settings menu to activate the flash player you need to do. You can see pictures and photographs easily. Javascript.
* Photo blocking feature is available. You know to activate the Settings menu. Thus, the internet can visit more comfortable.
* Privacy: You can hide your location WebTide to wander. Hidden in a way you do research on the internet. Surf in a comfortable way by hiding your identity. You can hide yourself from Web pages. Thus, one can find you. You can navigate safely.

- Web browser.
- Powerful, safe and fast.
- Ad blocking.
- Orbot plugin.
- Photo shutdown feature.
- Flash player feature.
- Photo shutdown.
- Multi-tab feature.
- Private browsing mode.
- Display support.
- Advanced Settings.
- Browse option.
- Clear History. Cookies cleaning, cleaning the cache memory.
- History delete option.
- Preview mode.
- Adjust font size. adjust font page.
- File. Photos and video downloads.
- Privacy protection.
- Tabbed browsing.
- Add option.
- Maximum protection against malicious software.
- Free.
- Fastest search mode. You can go directly to the home page that you want.
- Adding favorites.
- Browser.
- Private and advanced features.
- Internet browser program.

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