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Edge Screen style S7 description

With main function is People Edge and Apps Edge For Samsung galaxy S7 edge , it is the best application for all driver of Edge Screen Style S7. If you wan’t experience the amazing functionality of the Samsung galaxy S7 edge , come with “ Edge Screen Style S7 ” , you will not be disappointed.Edge toolsEdge Screen Style S7 help you get access to your favorite contacts from everywhere at every time, includes favorite contacts edge, favorite apps edge , people edge , quick access your application, quick dialer and quick messenger. You can make calls and send messages quickly by one swiping everything is just ready for you to use.Edge ScreenEdge Screen only have on Samsung galaxy note 7, s7 and xiaomi but right now it's already on your phone. Edge Screen Style S7 – with style galaxy S7 help you quick access to your favorite contacts and quick access favorite app.Main features- Design your phone again with people edge, contact edge , and contact app style Samsung galaxy note 7 edge - Quick dialer, and quick messaging to your favorite contact in the edge screen- Quick access your favorite app from Edge Panel- Support all devices:- Use anytime, anywhere on any screen How to use the app Edge Screen For Galaxy s7 Edge- Step 1: Download the app and install- Step 2: Turn On to use People Edge and Apps Edge- Step 3: Access Application Edge to add your top favorite apps edge s7 (or step 6)- Step 4: Access People Edge to add your favorite top contacts edge s7 (or step 7)- Step 5: From the home screen, swipe from either edge of the display to show Edge Screen Style S7 - Step 6: From Edge Panel click add to add new Apps Edge- Step 7: From Edge Panel click add to add new People Edge- You can select color to People edge and Apps Edge- Click a contact in Edge Screen Style S7 to quick dialer or quick messaging to call and send messenger contact edge Swipe again to see the Edge Panel with favorite edge applicationEdge Screen support for all smart phone android. You can easily set your favorite contacts,favorite apps to edge panels and use them fast, convenient.We are happy to receive feedback from you to develop this application. Install and feel, do not forget to leave a comment for us. Thank you for Edge Screen Style S7 . Learn More

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