Ejay Dance Factory description

Create your own music! This is a music machine!
Select between different rythms and instruments to put together original songs as an ejay.
Show and hide the sounds using the "sample" button. Choose between the different samples and listen to them, pressing on them on the list or on the track. The one you select can be used in the main screen, pinning them on the grid. Repeat them to arrange loops. You can combine them in any way you choose!
If you don't like a sound, you can eliminate it by sliding it up or down the grid, with your finger.
Add all you want and make your own beats!
You can save the last one created, and also edit, delete and start over again.
It's very simple!
In this first version you can only save one song, but still working to fix this.
This is a beta version, so the app is no completed yet, but also it works really nice.

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