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Electrical calculations description

Wire sizeCalculation of voltage dropCalculation of currentCalculation of voltageCalculation of active powerCalculation of apparent power [PRO]Calculation of reactive power [PRO]Calculation of power factor [PRO]Calculation of resistanceMax wire length [PRO]Motor from three-phase to single-phaseCapacitor start motor single-phase [PRO]Calculation rpm motor [PRO]Motor efficiency [PRO]Maximum torque [PRO]Diagram three-phase motor (6 leads)Diagram three-phase motor (9 leads) [PRO]Diagram three-phase motor (12 leads) [PRO]Code resistors 4 colorsCode resistors 5–6 colors [PRO]Color code inductor [PRO]Colors resistor from valueSMD resistor code [PRO]Capacitor codeFuses [PRO]Fuses application categoriesUL/CSA fuse classSum resistorsSum capacitors [PRO]Conversion Δ-Y [PRO]Conversion HP/KWTable AWG/mm²Conversion of sectionConversion cm/inchConversion length [PRO]Conversion voltage (Amplitude) [PRO]Conversion sin/cos/tan/φ [PRO]Conversion energy [PRO]Conversion temperature [PRO]Conversion pressure [PRO]Conversion Ah / kWh [PRO]Conversion Gauss / Tesla [PRO]Conversion RPM - rad/s - m/s [PRO]Conversion byteSizing the circuit breaker [PRO]Operating currentReactance [PRO]Impedance [PRO]Resonant frequency [PRO]Voltage divider [PRO]Current divider [PRO]Zener diode as voltage stabiliser [PRO]Resistance to reduce voltageResistance for ledPower factor correction [PRO]Power factor correction of transformer MV/LV [PRO]Capacitor power at different voltage [PRO]Earthing system [PRO]Battery life [PRO]Primary/Secondary winding of transformerShort circuit current [PRO]Short-circuit current min (approximate method)Short circuit current with transformer substation [PRO]Current carrying capacity [PRO]Conductor resistance [PRO]Table of cables reactance [PRO]Table of resistivity [PRO]Table of unitary voltage dropIP/IK/NEMA protection classesAppliance classesAntenna length [PRO]CCTV resolutionsCCTV Harddrive/Bandwidth calculatorThermocouplesElectrical symbolsElectricity around the worldPlug and socket typesIEC 60320 connectorsJoule effect [PRO]Wiring color codesSI PrefixUnit of measurementFault current of strings [PRO]Ethernet wiring (RJ-45) [PRO]Pinout Ethernet with PoE [PRO]RJ-11,14,25,48 [PRO]Pinout Scart [PRO]Pinout USB [PRO]Pinout HDMI [PRO]Pinout VGA [PRO]Pinout DVI [PRO]Pinout RS-232 [PRO]Pinout FireWire (IEEE1394) [PRO]Pinout Molex [PRO]Pinout Sata [PRO]Pinout Apple Lightning [PRO]Pinout Apple Dock Connector [PRO]Pinout PS/2 [PRO]Fiber optic color code [PRO]Pinout led [PRO]Pinout Raspberry PI [PRO]Pinout ISO 10487 (Car audio) [PRO]Pinout XLR (Audio/DMX) [PRO]Pinout MIDI [PRO]Pinout Thunderbolt [PRO]Pinout SD Card [PRO]Pinout Sim Card [PRO]Formulary [PRO]All languages and translators list: http://www.gallinaettore.com/android_apps/calcoli_elettrici/#languagesPLEASE DO NOT USE THE RATING SYSTEM TO REPORT BUGS!INSTEAD CONTACT ME******************Can you translate this app in another language? Download the file translate.zip (http://www.gallinaettore.com/android_apps/calcoli_elettrici/translate), translate the app and follow the instructions.You will receive a PRO Key gratis!!******************FAQ: http://www.gallinaettore.com/android_apps/faq-en/ Learn More

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