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gforth - GNU Forth for Android description

Gforth is the GNU's project implementation of the programming language Forth. This APK is the binary distribution for the Android platform, for ARM and x86-processors. You can find more information and links to source code on http://bernd-paysan.de/gforth.html, and more information about Android-specific features on http://www.forth-ev.de/wiki/doku.php/en:projects:gforth-android:start.
For optimum experience when programming, use a soft keyboard made for that task, like Hacker's Keyboard.
Gforth is available under GPLv3.
Gforth uses GCC to compile a fast direct or indirect threaded Forth; Gforth is fully ANS-Forth and Forth-2012 compliant. Authors of Gforth are Anton Ertl, Bernd Paysan, Jens Wilke, Neal Crook, David K├╝hling and others.
The goal of the Gforth Project is to develop a standard model for ANSI Forth. This can be split into several subgoals:
* Gforth should conform to the ANSI/200x Forth standard.
* It should be a model, i.e. it should define all the implementation-dependent things.
* It should become standard, i.e. widely accepted and used. This goal is the most difficult one.
To achieve these goals Gforth should be
* Similar to previous models (fig-Forth, F83)
* Powerful. It should provide for all the things that are considered necessary today and even some that are not yet considered necessary.
* Efficient. It should not get the reputation of being exceptionally slow.
* Free.
* Available on many machines/easy to port.

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