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Glow Nurture Pregnancy Tracker description

Glow Nurture is the world's most advanced app to track your pregnancy, postpartum, and maternity. Glow Nurture supports expecting women throughout their pregnancy and postpartum period. Glow Nurture is customized to your pregnancy, with a baby center designed to nurture your baby and help you know what to expect as you prepare for maternity. More about our pregnancy tracker:
• Glow Nurture is FREE.
• Glow Nurture has no in-app advertising.
• Unlike other pregnancy apps, Glow Nurture does not charge for premium pregnancy features.
Powered by data, designed for simplicity, Glow Nurture was named one of 10 Best Apps of 2014 by The Guardian, Brit & Co, and many more!

• Customize your experience for your pregnancy and your baby.
• Alerts based on your pregnancy data, resulting in a baby center with insights unique to your pregnancy.
• Thousands of daily pregnancy articles about your baby and what to expect of maternity.
• Your pregnancy represented in beautiful charts, based on data analysis.
• Best pregnancy health tips, baby center dashboard, and maternity insights for expecting women.

• Reminders for your appointments, pregnancy routine, and medication.
• Unique medical log tracks all doctor’s visits throughout your pregnancy.

• Daily tasks to support the expecting mom and baby during pregnancy.
• Daily updates on your pregnancy and your baby’s size in the baby center.
• Fetal development images in the baby center: see what your baby looks like each day of pregnancy.
• Pregnancy picture sharing! Seamless photo sharing of that gorgeous baby bump.
• Ability to take daily notes on your pregnancy.
• Tips for what to expect from pregnancy, maternity, and your new baby.
• Appointment Calendar.
• International metrics: pregnancy tracker measures in lb/in or kg/cm.

• Daily pregnancy log allows expectant mothers to track over 30 different items in baby center.
• Trimester-specific pregnancy tracker in baby center--daily log changes as pregnancy progresses and tells you what to expect of the next stage.
• Feedback on your health, pregnancy, and baby with insights from trusted pregnancy and expecting parent resources.

• Get support, pregnancy tips, maternity advice, and notes for expecting parents from the vibrant Glow Nurture Community.
• Create due-date buddies and private groups with like-minded pregnant and expecting women.
• Participate in anonymous pregnancy and expecting parent polls.
• Groups for different maternity journeys: From “First-time Moms” to “Moms of Triplets.”
• After your pregnancy and postpartum period, continue your journey on Glow, the women’s health app.
• Mirror function allows your expecting partner to see pregnancy tracker, maternity insights, and baby center developments on Glow Nurture.

Glow is the only Health & Fitness app to ever win a Webby Award. We now bring the same dazzling and high-tech experience to our pregnant and expecting users on Glow Nurture as they embrace pregnancy, maternity, and a new baby.

Please email support@glowing.com with questions.

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