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GymUp is a training notebook for those who are focused on the outcome and want to improve the effectiveness of their training. Choose a training program, record the results, observe the progress!Main features of GymUp:★ RECORD TRAINING RESULTSRecord the results of your workouts in a convenient and logical way. Supersets, trisets, dropsets and other complex exercises are supported. Recording of results occurs on the basis of previous ones, which simplifies and speeds up the process as much as possible. The rest timer will not let you relax too much and will signal the sound, vibration of the phone or fitness bracelet.★ TRAINING PROGRAMS REFERENCEThere are more than 60 selected programs from the best trainers, more than half of them are available for free. Using the filter, you can easily find the program for any purpose, including those aimed at losing weight, gaining weight, increasing strength. When filtering, you can also specify the gender, training location, desired frequency and your level of training. After choosing a suitable training program, you can adjust it in an arbitrary way (customized for yourself).★ EXERCISES REFERENCEMore than 500 training exercises are available. All exercises are described and structured as much as possible, descriptive images are available, both with men and with girls. Using a filter or search by name, you can easily find a suitable exercise. When filtering, you can specify a muscle group, the type and type of exercise, the type of equipment and effort, the level of training.★ MAKING YOUR OWN TRAINING PROGRAMSDid not find a suitable program in the directory or are you working on your own? No problem, because the application allows you to create an arbitrary training program. The completed training program can be shared with your friend to practice on it together.★ COMMUNITY OF ATHLETESParticipate in the discussion of training programs and exercises. Feedback will help evaluate their effectiveness, learn the features of the performance, hear warnings. You can always ask advice from more experienced athletes.★ ANALYSIS OF TRAINING AND PROGRAMS ON ACTIVE MUSCLESAnalyze the training programs, the days of programs, training and exercises for the muscles involved, thanks to their dynamic drawing on the body diagram.★ VIEWING PREVIOUS RESULTS AND CURRENT PLANNINGView the previous results of the exercise, build progress charts and get current records. Thanks to this information, you can quickly plan the current approaches - determine what is worth improving: weight, repetition, rest time or number of approaches.★ FIXATION OF BODY PARAMETERSFix the body parameters (photo, weight, height, muscle girths) and see the dynamics of their growth. Build charts and analyze the approach to the goal. The ability to group photos on bodybuilding postures will allow you to scroll through them in a certain position and visually assess progress.★ SPORTS CALCULATORSUseful sports calculators are always at hand. Calculate the repeated maximum, calculate the basic metabolism and much more.★ COMPARISON OF RESULTS WITH FRIENDSCompare with your friends your statistics on training for a certain period of time. Find out who has done more workouts, exercises, approaches and repetitions. Determine who spent more time in the hall, has the best indicators for tonnage and other parameters.★ APPLICATION PERSONALIZATIONSet a light or dark theme, change the color palette, set the timer signal - adjust the application for you.★ SAFETY OF YOUR DATAEach time you finish the workout, the application creates a backup copy of your data on your personal drive Google Drive. This avoids loss of data in the event of a breakdown or loss of the device. Learn More

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