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Be the hair designer in the top hair do braid fashion designs salon.To look very fashionable and chic, braiding hairs is a great way to keep your hairs out of the way.In this Fashion salon, we will tell you how to do a standard braiding? Such as the french braid and fishtail braid suit for outwards curls. Detangle hairs with a brush or a wide toothed comb for fast braiding when your hair is knot-free.When you are working with thick or layered hairs, use water or liquid hair gel to dampen the hair. If your hairs are completely wet it will have very smooth and tight appearance while dry hairs can give your messy look.Do not braiding your hairs dry, Slightly oily hair will hold the braiding better than brand new clean hairs.When start with a secure base, If you tie hairs into a ponytail with bobby pins, or half ponytail with a hair tie or ribbon at end of braid.Now you have to secure the braid , Use non rubber elastic like bobby pins to tie off the end of the braid.You can wish for a long spiral curls.It is the free hair styling and hairdressing girls games.Be the hairdresser of your dreams with amazing hairdo curls designing ideas.If you can avoid the rubber bands , As rubber bands can damage the hairs and difficult to remove from hairs.You can use ponytail holder instead of rubber bands, so that it blends in your braid.Use shine serum along the braid to give extra glow, rub little bit on your hands and then run along the braid.Tie a colorful ribbon at a bow in the end of your braid flair.You can found tulle , ricrac in a variety of colors from fabric store. Ricrac is a flat narrow woven. Ricrac will used to provide finish edge to fabric. Use a cute hair pin or brooch to pin near the braid like ribbon at the end of your braid.Comb out any knots, French braiding can be tricky for tangled hairs so first remove the knots with a brush or wide toothed comb.Show your all hairdresser skills in this hairdressing game.some other styles?How to do Dutch Braid ?Dutch braid is reverse of french braid. It is simple to do, instead of braid sitting under hairs, it sits as a 3D section above your hair.How to do waterfall braid?This style is created by letting strands of the hairs hang loose from a french braid like look of waterfall.When you are ok with french braiding, take next step to a waterfall braid.Create a braided headband?Headband braided is a small thin braid that goes from ear to ear across forehead like a headband.It will use the process of french braid or dutch braid to turn your bands into statement piece.Being a perfect hairdresser hairdo is a professional job.Make a braided braid?This is regular there strand braid, but each section is pre-braided for a very intricate, large braid.This style is great with bohemian headband or bobby pin.Make a Rope braid?This pretty Rope braid looks like spiral rope strand. It is fine for leaving down or twirling up into a bun.Here are some tips?-> Practice all the hair styling on a friend or a doll braid if you want a good look.-> Gentle tension on the braiding-> Do not use a thick elastic band for tiny spot of hairs-> Try practicing on friend’s hairs, if you have trouble braiding your own hair-> Do not braid your hairs too tight-> In messy look do not do the braiding tightly-> Put smaller rubber bands towards end of the section -> Take the braid out by unbraiding it from the bottom-> Wash , spa ,towel and shower the hairs carefullyDownload this hair styling free mobile game for girls hairdressing and makeover.You will have a free braids hairstyle salon in this girls game.please visit and like our page Learn More

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