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IMT BPN - APP is an Informative Android Mobile Application. This app can be used by the progressive farmers, employees/staff/consultants working the field of agriculture, agro input dealers, Krishi Vigyan Kendra and Government Agriculture Department Staff etc. to get hands on information about plant nutrition at just a click of button. IMT - BPN APP is currently available in 3 languages viz. Marathi, Hindi and English.

IMT stands for Institute for Micronutrient Technology which started its journey in the field of Balanced Plant Nutrition (BPN) in 1967 when not only the use of micronutrients but the use of NPK fertilizers also was in its infancy in Indian Agriculture. For the last five decades IMT has been on the forefront of Balanced Plant Nutrition in general and manufacturing and marketing of Micronutrient Mixture Fertilizers in particular. We also offer Soil Improvement and Crop Advisory Services as well as Soil, Water and Leaf Analytical Services through IMT Laboratory.

To bring about the qualitative and quantitative increase in crop yields, the user can make the best use of following sections in IMT - BPN APP.

1. IMT Charts : A visual display of information is easier for the user, especially for the farmer; to know more about the subject.

2. Balanced Plant Nutrition : This section elaborates the technical information about all essential nutrients with photographs of the deficiency symptoms of most of the nutrients.

3. IMT Products : Each of the IMT products is a stand alone product based on soil / crop requirement. Get in depth technical information about IMT products.

4. Chemical Fertilizers : It contains technical information about commercially available chemical fertilizers in the market with their nutrient contents.

5. IMT Lab : We undertake Soil, Water and Leaf analysis in IMT Lab by following the IUPAC norms. Along with analytical values we suggest soil improvement measures and crop specific balanced doses of fertilizers.

6. Important : We waste much of our time and energy in searching some factual information, formulae etc. which is often difficult to remember. It is just a click away by visiting this section.

7. FAQ : This section tries to educate the user through the list of frequently asked questions the farmers usually ask us on IMT Helpline.

8. IMT Quiz : Attempt quizzes related to the information contained in this app and increase your knowledge!

9. Contact Us : Connect us through phone, IMT helpline, SMS, Whats App etc. by remaining within the app. Stay connected forever!

10. Quick Look : It is exclusively prepared for the user who is running short of time and wants information instantly with some relevant photographs.

11. IMT Jingle : Enjoy listening to catchy and irresistible IMT Jingle (in Marathi) which spreads awareness about BPN in just 30 second.

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