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KwickAdd is India's leading Mobile Lock Screen Advertising application.
For Ahmedabad only
Think of this - Brands already pay tonnes to advertise to you, but not to you. Our advertising platform shows you offers and ads that are relevant to you, and that too only a few times a day - a Max of 3 times in 3 hours (which you can decrease or turn off as well)
All you need to do to earn points, is do what you always do - Swipe to unlock.
If you are interested in the coupon and want to know more about it then swipe to find the location, or visit the url or choose if you want to play the video.
Either ways, we still know you have invested your time and give pay you by lowering your phone bill. & No need to pay telco companies for getting astrology, joke of the day, quote of the day any more. We provide you that for free. We will keep adding new categories.

1. Get highly personalized and localized offers and information of events, or products near you with just one swipe.
2. Earn for every ad we show you. (Please hang on for first few months as we get more advertisers)
a. Each unlock pays you Rs. 0.15 and each other activity pays you Rs. 0.20 (applicable to lockscreen actions only)
b. You can recharge your prepaid or pay in advance for your postpaid phone bill directly from the app.
3. Get news, scores, astrology on your lockscreen for free. [ We do not pay for this additional service]
4. Further, you earn even more if you Invite a friend. (*Only when the invite program is on)
5. No need to cut a coupon or forget it at home. Just, open the app and show the coupon in your phone.
6. Also, search for a coupon or an ad that you received and share it with friends who are interested in it.
* Click on Earnings ticker in the App (top right corner) to get an update of the earnings till date.
- Internet should be on for this.
* Customize when and how many ads you want in a day.
* Do select the "Follow" categories to get free news,scores, astrology, etc.
* Do not clear Cache or click Force Stop application as any existing ads will be deleted.
Note on Invitation
-Invitation rewards are applicable for devices which did not have KwickAdd installed earlier. i.e. if you refer a friend, who was on KwickAdd earlier and if he uninstalls and reinstalls with your invited by code, you will not be eligible for his invitation reward.
- Invitation Rewards are available only when the invite program is available. We will notify you when it is on.

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