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In order to remain objective at all times, Franklin Covey developed a time management system that has remained practical for many years. According to the Franklin Covey planning system, the first and most important step in life is that of identifying the primary goal. This is vital because it will inform a number of other steps that you will be taking in life in all the days ahead of you. It is equally important to note that this primary objective can never be achieved in a single attempt. Instead, it should be divided in several segments that can be accomplished in installments.

The important thing in all these is to ensure that all the smaller installments are clearly defined so that they help you get closer to the primary goal. In this style, you will be moving closer to the ultimate goal with the accomplishment of each of the smaller segments. The greatest mistake that many people make is to pursue the compass driven concept as opposed to the clock driven option.

According to the clock driven concept, it is only important to get things done in good time. This however is not always sensible in a wider perspective. When you have a time factor to consider in everything you do, there are chances that you will overlook quality at the expense of punctuality. It is interesting to note that some people are too obsessed with the timing to the extent that they will get moving even before they clearly establish the proper direction that they ought to move to.

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