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Be the top guy in the gangster mafia town. Help your master to accomplish the ultimate crime lord status in mafia underworld and serve with loyalty and dignity. You are a top paid gangster mafia assassin and hitman, a real asset for the crime world. Offer your unique services to the highest bidder in crime industry.More money payment is due on the gang and the people are getting sloppy, you are a gangster hired to restore the dignity of criminal squad in the town and remind the people who rules the city and to live under his thumb. Vaporize the sheer idea of existence of the rival gangs who has taken your share in the city in your absence. Crime lord has asked for Michael help in Vegas crime city to regain control by gaining the weapon resources & recruiting the members again. Hunting down these bad guys is not that easy in Vegas. Be prepared to fight, shoot & attack your rival spy cops and police officers squad as crooks. Transform the peaceful Vegas crime city into a gangster lord play area to take revenge from the criminal empire officials.The back alleys are filled with thugs, local gangsters, mobsters and lowlifes. The prohibition is the greatest opportunity this country has seen in a long time, but you must seize it before others realize its potential.Plan the perfect execution of all other crime syndicate at the same time before they know what hit them, don’t give them chance to get back on their feet to seek revenge against your hidden criminal gangster actions. You hit all the gangster mafia lords; assassinate them along with your master but at one instance your family gets involved in crime scene and your employer does not trust them with the secret, so he turns against them despite your long lasting loyal services.The Mafia Gangster in this Mafia Nights Gangster crime Game is an absolute evil guy; he is trying to take down your Mafia family, and wants to rule the Mafia town.There will ever be only way to save your family as they comes first in every step of life. You have to remove the picture of your crime lord from the scene to save the family before he sends more hands to assassinate the loved ones and you take his place in mafia gang and make your dream come true to rule the city once and for all.The grand gangster killer legend lord has been a gang boss for years in the streets of Vegas. His evil mafia mind is behind some serious crimes destroying places in Vegas and killing peace. You have to be very careful in the execution of ultimate gangster plan.In Mafia Nights you can become the greatest gangster of all time. Plunge yourself into the gloomy atmosphere of the Prohibition Era. Key Features:- Amazing Night Effects.- Exciting missions.- Real Mafia Car Ride experience.- Enhanced close combat skills.- Mafia battle gunfight at night.- Interesting Gameplay and levels.- Real Mafia Don Story Mode.- Fight in beautifully looking Russian environments.- Have rival gangsters at your mercy. Learn More

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