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MAMIKOST, kost/room Finder App description

All kost / room / boarding house data in MAMIKOS are verified by MAMIKOS kost / room / boarding house surveyor agent. Our kost / room / boarding house surveyor agent directly visit each kost / room / boarding house, verify the data directly from kost / room / boarding house owner or manager, and take kost / room / boarding house photos. Other than that, our team also keep in touch within kost / room / boarding house manager or owner in every 1-2 week(s) to update the data on room availability and pricing.NEW UPDATE!- FREE Call Room Owner from App- Room Review- 360 room picture, Use VR Tour to see room/kost room in 360 View.- Premium Room & Premium Owner- Google Login- More daily room, monthly room, exclusive room, etc- More room in Malang & SemarangBy using MAMIKOS, your effort to search best kost / room / boarding house will be easier and faster because via MAMIKOS you will get all the data and features below : 1. Accurate kost / room / boarding house Address 2. Detailed kost / room / boarding house facilities information3. Detailed photos of each kost / room / boarding house facilities from in-room, bathroom, and shared kost / room / boarding house facilities.4. Updated kost / room / boarding house price5. Updated No of kost / room / boarding house’s room available6. Contact kost / room / boarding house via Whatsapp7. Contact kost / room / boarding house via Message in App8. Google Map to help you navigate to kost / room / boarding house.9. Filter feature and comparison to compare kost / room / boarding house.Other than that you can also enjoy our additional features that will help you search, save and get more information on your dream kost / room / boarding house!1. Search kost / room / boarding house by University/Campus in each cities.2. Search kost / room / boarding house by popular City/Area3. Search kost / room / boarding house by your current location4. User can use filter to search kost. This filter can be save to manage subscription and kost recommendation5. Subscription feature, we’ll notify you via notification and email when there new kost / room / boarding house data matched with your preference.6. Favorite kost / room / boarding house feature, so you can save your favorite kost / room / boarding house to check later7. History/Visited feature, so you can check kost / room / boarding house data that you’ve visited earlier8. At map user can view kost by cluster on each location 9. Every kost type have different color ( blue for male, pink for female, and purple for mix kost).10. Peta with cluster system for each area.Currently MAMIKOS has over 10,000 kost data from all across Indonesia especially in big cities such as Jakarta,Bogor,Depok,Tangerang,Bandung,Surabaya,Jogja and soon will expand to other big cities. Kost data in MAMIKOS are acquired mostly from direct survey from MAMIKOS agents. These efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of location, facilities, price and contact data and the no of photos for each facilities. If you’re currently looking for new kost, try MAMIKOS out and let us know your review! Give your best review because we want to serve the best of you and improve our app to give you the best service and becoming no.1 Kost/ Room/ Boarding House finder in Indonesia.Please submit error response or information request and recommendation at:http://bit.ly/komplainformFurther inquiries / question please send email to saran@mamikos.comInterested to be MAMIKOS survey agent, send email to agen@mamikos.com--------------------Here some words from kost owner:"Easy Registration, free & fast respon from support team since the first registration"***** Sukis Hariyanto (Kirana Dormitory - Jogja)--------------------Cek More Testimoni on our website! Promote your kost/ room now at Mamikos. Field the registration from at https://mamikos.com/promosi-kost , Mamikos team will take care the rest. ^_^ Learn More

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