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Mexican Police Car Chase Mad City Auto Theft CrimeThe Game Beast brings you the story of US crime & Mexican police shooting in Mexican gangster city for the fans of the Mexican crime games.Who has never dreamed in his youth , turning into a cop or to perform as a mad city mexican police officer? These glad delegates of the request and a rule of Justice Act & Law Enforcement. There are a few US police car grand chase auto theft games, yet just some are exceptionally great , as the miami highway police grand chase you incarnate in our new amusement police racer car theft.As in the video chase disseminated everywhere, you become a US police officer chasing thieves across a large bustling mad city police. Your goal is simple in this game of chasing thieves, catch the thief by reducing his car theft to should destroy the thief before he escapes . You will in this way into him as hard as could reasonably be expected and attempt to square it in turns. Be that as it may, regard for activity and people on foot ! You're a US fearless cop fighter and you won't need to hurt regular citizens or harm to different vehicles.Flip on the nitrous and thrust yourself into another level of gangster crime police escape driving and speed car theft drift simulator. Dig, car drift, drag and roll your ride on gangster car to win with highway police on your tail, hitting each inch of free fire crime city hard by the time you reach the safe house. Experience gangster crime police chase action as you make the mafia escape, or make yourself bust from mexican police car grand chase all along with US mad city auto theft crime. Mexican gangster city is under your control now. You are not on a secret mission anymore. Enough airplane transportations, now is the time to earn real cash and acclaim yourself as the top Mexican Gangster of best crime games 2018!Endure deadly flails, chaotic hindrances and other free fire hurdles from las vegas to miami roads and escape from highway police cars. Ride safely through miami city traffic as if get caught by police car drift racer, you’ll be dead or imprisoned for life. Keep discreet distance from miami police car racer and drive all the way to safe house in grand escape simulator. Drive auto cars, evade US police force while gaining notoriety as a vegas gangstar or just gorge on fast food & obey every traffic light – it’s up to you.There are police as well in this grand thug action. Do not arrested or the game will be over because you will land in prison. Collecting cash as you go on the real crime town. Teach those scum thugs some lesson buy beating them up. Pick up weapon along the road and show them who is the true boss of sin city! Live a real thug life in the beautiful city of vice city. Thief and loot other gangster to achieve highest score.Outrun the law enforcement as a notorious criminal racer in super fast cars and stop hot pursuit racing cars to come in your way. Around every corner of battleground city is a fresh race as you crash with highway police car drift and undercover cops. It’s a world full of wannabe criminals and fast drivers – can you keep up as star gangstar and rise on the top of grand underworld vegas crime mafia?Mexican Police Car Chase Mad City Auto Theft Crime Features:1- 10 intriguing bank robbery & police car escape missions in vegas crime simulator2- Real driver skills with amazing escape plan & police car chase3- Sports cars and racing auto vehicles for insane driving mania4- Incredible controls for ruthless car driving in las vegas city5- Realistic open world environment for gangster driving missions6- High quality 3D graphics & immersive gameplayEnjoy this wonderful game which is NO#1 in the market/store in all aspects. Enjoy the smooth controls and high resolution graphics. Learn More

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