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Net MasterNet Master is a tool which offer kinds of features to optimize network. It offers network boost, network speed test, network security analysis, network firewall, signal enhance and so on. It’s your network doctor, it will help you repair network problem and offer you a better network experience.Network ScoreDo you usually feel network is always slow and do not know the reason? Here Net Master can scan the network status, check all the items with one tap. You’ll recognize your network status with one clearly score. It will also tell you what is wrong with your network, and give the solution to improve it. What the only thing you need to do is follow the solution, tap several times, and finally get faster speed, better signal and safer protection.Network BoosterIf you notice network become slower and slower, it may cause by too many apps running background, taking up your speed and consuming your data. With network booster, Net Master can stop those background apps, give all the broadband to the app you are using.Speed TestTest your download speed, upload speed and PING time, very accurate and professional. Real-time speed is also shown in dashboardSignal EnhanceSignal is always weak? Why not to try signal enhance! Make your signal strong immediately.Data MonitorMonitor mobile and Wi-Fi data usage, list it by day and month. Send notification to you when your mobile data is about to run out. What’s more, you can also check which apps use the most traffic and take action to distribute your data more reasonably.Wi-Fi Spy DetectSomeone using your Wi-Fi without informing you is also a reason for the slow network speed. You can check how many devices are sharing the bandwidth and what their MAC address are. Catch the thief with Net Master’s HelpFree Wi-FiNet Master has lots of Wi-Fi hot spot shared by users around the world. It will scan the nearest FREE Wi-Fi for you. Stay online all day with Net Master free Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi Master Key, Swift Wi-Fi and we Share also have the same feature. Net Master is not a Wi-Fi password hacking tool, hacking is not allowed by the lawIt is available in several languages, English, Indonesia and PortugueseHere is your best network master and network manager, don’t hesitate to download it! Learn More

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