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NFC Passport Reader description

The NFC Passport Reader Showcase app reads and verifies the embedded RFID chip in electronic passports and other ICAO compliant identity documents (ePassport, or, in ICAO Doc 9303 terminology, Machine Readable Travel Documents: MRTD). This app optically scans the machine readable zone (MRZ) to get access to the embedded chip. It then reads the embedded chip and displays the biographical and biometric information of the document holder as well as document information. After displaying the contents, security checks such as Active Authentication, Document signature validation, and Country signature validation are performed and detailed results are displayed.

The German eID (neuer Personalausweis) is not supported. Even though its specification is closely related to the above mentioned ICAO standard. The German electronic passport is supported, though.

The U.S. Passport Card is not supported. It is based on a different RFID technology which is not compatible with NFC. U.S. electronic passports (booklets) are supported, though. Please note that the antenna in the U.S. electronic passport is located on the inside of the back cover. The booklet needs to be opened to access the chip.

This version of the app is provided as-is and without warranty. The authors make no claims about fitness for any particular purpose.

- Reading using specific handsets (e.g. LG Nexus 4) often fails on certain MRTDs, specifically on Active Authentication.
- Some MRTDs will temporarily block access after repeated access attempts with incorrect BAC credentials.
- Country signature validation is limited to a static list of publicly available CSCA certificates embedded in the app.

We are very interested in your feedback. If you see opportunities for embedding this solution, either as part of the traditional border control inspection system use case, or as part of innovative new use cases, contact us at [email protected]

- JMRTD (http://jmrtd.org): LGPL
- Bouncy Castle (http://www.bouncycastle.org): MIT License
- Spongy Castle (https://github.com/rtyley/spongycastle): Apache License 2.0
- JJ2000 (https://code.google.com/p/jj2000): LGPL
- JNBIS (https://code.google.com/p/jnbis): Apache License 2.0 / Public Domain
- CERT-CVC (http://sourceforge.net/projects/ejbca/files/cert-cvc/): LGPL
- Tess-two (https://github.com/rmtheis/tess-two): Apache License 2.0
- Tesseract-ocr (http://code.google.com/p/tesseract-ocr/): Apache License 2.0
- Leptonica (http://www.leptonica.org): Apache License 2.0

Recent changes:
- Fixed active authentication.
- Fixed bug in OCR on dual-core devices (such as S4 mini).
- Fixed various UI issues.

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