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REVENGE FROM THE KING It’s time for ninja warrior superhero to indulge in shadow assassin battle and take bloody revenge from the king and super ninja enemies inside the castle. Ninja warrior superhero shadow battle is an ultimate assassin battle of getting the grand throne back from the king and rescue princess. GET BACK THE GRAND THRONE Ninja warrior superhero is going to fight an incredible battle with ninja enemies using super fighting skills. This a real assassin battle of warrior superhero against shadow rivals for getting the royal throne back. The real heroes don’t turn back. You the real superhero ninja warrior who belong to the grand warrior family is on the mission to get back the grand royal throne from evil king. INCREDIBLE BATTLE AGAINST CASTLE ENEMIES Get ready for an ultimate sword fighting with super ninja enemies, collect evidence, assassinate the king, rescue princess and win the grand assassin battle like a real superhero! As a real superhero ninja warrior help escape the princess locked up in deep dark shadow dungeon of the castle. SILENT COMBAT MISSIONS Sneak into castle for silent killing mission. Fight the angry castle guards and gate keepers. Avoid extreme deadly attacks from shadow ninja enemies. The ninja rivals are strong and powerful so you need to avoid lethal deadly strikes for your ultimate survival. COLLECT EVIDENCE AGAINST THE KING As a warrior superhero you need to collect evidence against the King before doing final lethal attack. Fight bravely in assassin combat missions, collect evidence, use you samurai sword as real ninja warrior hero and kill shadow rivals like a real superhero. There is a shield to protect you against brutal attacks. Use the samurai sword and shield wisely. RESCUE PRICNESS & ESCAPE CASTLEFind the prison cell, eliminate the gate keeper and collect the keys. Help escape the princess from the shadow ninja enemies. Rescue her from the deep dark shadow dungeon. Run up the castle walls, sneak up to the shadow ninja enemies, kill silently using best stealth survival skills and kill rivals with your warrior samurai sword in an ultimate ninja warrior heroes battle. REAL TEST OF MARTIAL ARTS & SURVIVAL SKILLSNinja warrior superhero shadow battle is a real test of your grand martial art and survival fighting skills. Fight like extreme fighter superhero warrior and bring death to the ninja enemies. Make the best use of your grand samurai sword and shield to win this warrior heroes battle. It’s time to show perfect combat skills against the castle guards and gate keepers and kill them with lethal action stunts. Stick to your ultimate mission of getting the grand royal throne back and rescue princess for making your warrior ninja family proud and making the grand survival possible!Features: • Ninja Warrior Stealth Fighting Missions!• Kill ninja enemies with lethal sword strikes in deadly combat!• Battle against castle guards & gate keepers like a real superhero!• Collect evidence, assassinate king, Rescue princess & escape castle!• Amazing 3d Graphics, beautiful castle environment and best Sound Effects! Learn More

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