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PAISLASH-G! description

Traditional Japanese culture , Appearance PAISLASH is powered up!
Aim the performance of Isla master strongest spree slash the bast !
A condition such as by bag female breast has to cross multiply , voluminous feel is emphasized .
I can be called the tradition of summer from spring through .
◇ Do not think of anything! Regardless PAISLASH while but think !
Rule is simple! From the silhouette of the girl coming out one after the other ,
Find out the line that can be PAISLASH a just , just slash !
If it succeeds admirably PAISLASH , it is possible to get an image of a girl !
◇ Add a new girl!
Girl appearing on this all new addition!
Schoolgirl, nurse, China dress, such as a bus guide,
The Shimae to PAISLASH collectively everyone!
◇ G Class Quest added!
PAISLASH upcoming high degree of difficulty!
Even girls from behind, and able to find the slash line and making full use of the eye of the mind!
◇ No.1 performance Isla master Aim !
I will challenge the pie slash ten consecutive play once .
Score is added to the time you successfully PAISLASH , high scores in the combo and more!
Score you get the support to the national rankings !
Aim the performance Isla master dream once if man!
◇ Can you get a PAISLASH of all ! ?
Girl that was successfully PAISLASH will continue to be registered with the picture book .
The PAISLASH the line of girls all complete Aim ​​!

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