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PawPads: Furry Proximity Chat description

PawPads is unlike your typical social media. its not a dating app, its not a facebook or telegram clone, it is not grindr for furries. It is an app designed to let you accurately find furries near you to make friends with rather than provide a central social setting. With the recent release I included public group chats for furs to socialize centrally while keeping the focus on users near you. This is entirely as a result of data driven development. I noticed people use this more during conventions so as a result i created more events focused features. Most importantly, the friends list and search was a direct result of user feedback. While Ferzu and Amino apps are created by companies, PawPads has been created and maintained by one person a furry named blazecollie and is doing so specifically for the fandom.New to the furry fandom? Ever thought there might be others near by? This app will help you by accurately finding other furs and letting you reach out to them. At a convention and want to know who is near by? want to chat and make new friends? what to know where your drunken buddy went? PawPads can help.The project is fueled by community input and desire, you let me know what you want and i will do my best to make it happen. OR you can make it happen the project has been open-sourced on github: https://github.com/castaway2000/PawpadsSome have mentioned that it looked like Grindr for furries. thats not its intention. this is released to the 13+ crowd so please be respectful.This app is shaped by the fandom with the fandom and for the fandomDeveloped by blazecollie with help from an international group of developers, testers and artists who are also furs.Interested in getting in on test releases and developement let me know by shooting me an email at feedback@pawpadsapp.comFuture intended updates: - Posting mapped location to chat - Send to feature (sub-menu outside of app) - Filterable results (interests, age, online/offline) - World map with pins where everyone is Learn More

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