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Pente Live lets you play turn-based games at your beloved pente.org. No longer are you bound to your computer to play pente against other players. This app supports *all* games available at pente.org. Available for both Android and iOS.GomokuTo win, place 5 of your stones in a straight continuous line (either horizontally, vertically or diagonally). You must get exactly 5 in a row to win. 6 or more of your stones in a row does not count as a win, play continues.PentePente is like Gomoku but you can win by getting more than 5 in a row, unlike Gomoku.In Pente you can capture stones. Capturing occurs enclose a pair of your opponent's stones. For example, if the stones are like this XOO and you place your stone so it becomes XOOX, then your opponents' stones are removed from the board, leaving X__X. Capturing is good to slow your opponent from getting 5 in a row, but you can also win at Pente by capturing 10 or more of your opponents stones. You can't play into a capture.One final rule of Pente is called the "Tournament Rule". It restricts player 1's second move so that player 1's second move must be at least 3 intersections away from the center of the board.Keryo-PenteKeryo-Pente is like Pente but you can also capture 3 stones in a row.G-PenteThis variation restricts player 1's second move, just like the tournament rule. It additionally prohibits playing on the 4th and 5th intersections away from the center of the board that are one the same horizontal or vertical line as player 1's first move. (These moves are the most common second moves for white).D-PentePlayer 1 makes the first 4 moves of the game, but the stone colors still alternate. Then player 2 decides to continue playing as player 2, or decides to swap seats and take over as player 1! After that decision is made, play continues just as in Pente with whoever is now player 1 making the next move.Poof-PenteThe main difference is that you can play into a capture! (e.g., from XO_X player plays XOOX) then the stones are "poofed" (removed from the board and counted as captures). Normal captures are still allowed and the number of captures to win remains at 10 stones. Up to 5 stones could be poofed in one move! Also note that my current implementation performs the following actions in sequence after a move:Check if move captured any opponents stones, if so remove stones from the board.Check if move creates a poof position, if so remove stones from the board.Check if player has a 5-in-a-row, if so the player wins.There are some weird scenarios that can occur at the end of the game, for example a player could capture and be poofed in the same move and the capture count could end up as 10-10. The game keeps going case until one player has an advantage (i.e., gets more captured stones or gets five-in-a-row). There are no draws right now in Poof-Pente.Boat-PenteThe main difference between this game and Pente is in the end game. Once a Pente is made (5 stones in a row), the game can continue as long as the opponent is able to capture across the Pente!Capturing 5 pairs is still a win like in Pente and the tournament rule is used for rated games.Connect6The goal is to be the first player to get 6 pieces in a row, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.Player one plays one stone at the center of the board. After that each player gets to place two stones on the board at a time.Features:- Supports Pente, Connect6, Gomoku, Keryo-Pente, D-Pente, G-Pente, Poof-Pente, Boat-Pente. Turn-based games only.- Touch to zoom the board, then pan the zoomed board.- Auto-completion for previously invited opponents.- Pull-to-refresh Learn More

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