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Read Quran Pak القرآن الكريم description

Read Quran Offline with Urdu & English Translation in many formats, memorize quran and get blessings of Allah S.W.T. It is easy to use and helps you remain in touch with Holy Quran. It provides the following features:★ Online or Offline reading and reciting quran daily★ Beautiful bookshelf design★ Currently includes 12, 13, 15 Line Urdu Quran with Urdu Translation of Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi, Maulana Syed Shabir Ahmed of Quran Asan Tehreek, Mushaf Medina & Tajweed Meshaf, Irfan ul Quran of Dr Tahir ul Qadri and English Quran Translation of Dr Mohsin★ Read Quran app is best of Hafiz who use 15 line Quran★ Filter Books based on your choice★ Download book for offline reading. Press and hold the book to see download option.★ Read Quran is easy to use in both portrait and landscape mode.★ Page bookmarking★ Auto resume from where you left★ Surah Index & Surah Search★ Juzz Index★ Quick page navigation by simple swipe★ Daily Ayat and translation reminders★ Light and Dark Theme★ Use Feedback screen to send us your thoughtsDon't look further, download Now.*Note* 16 line Quran by Taj company for Huffaz will be added soon, Insha AllahOther Features- Read Quran with translation- Read Quran offline- 12 Line Quran- 13 Line Quran- 15 Line Quran- Download and Read Quran anywhere- Read Quran in Urdu- Read Quran in English - more languages coming soon Insha AllahSurah / Chapter List to Read Holy QuranRead Surah Al-Fatihah (The Opening)Read Surah Al-Baqarah (The Cow)Read Surah Al-'ImranRead Surah An-Nisa'Read Surah Al-Ma'idahRead Surah Al-An'amRead Surah Al-A'rafRead Surah Al-AnfalRead Surah Al-Bara'at / At-TaubahRead Surah YunusRead Surah HudRead Surah YusufRead Surah Ar-Ra'dRead Surah IbrahimRead Surah Al-HijrRead Surah An-NahlRead Surah Bani Isra'ilRead Surah Al-KahfRead Surah MaryamRead Surah TaHaRead Surah Al-Anbiya'Read Surah Al-HajjRead Surah Al-Mu'minunRead Surah An-NurRead Surah Al-FurqanRead Surah Ash-Shu'ara'Read Surah An-NamlRead Surah Al-QasasRead Surah Al-'AnkabutRead Surah Ar-RumRead Surah LuqmanRead Surah As-SajdahRead Surah Al-AhzabRead Surah Al-Saba'Read Surah Al-FatirRead Surah YasinRead Surah As-SaffatRead Surah SadRead Surah Az-ZumarRead Surah Al-Mu'minRead Surah Ha MimRead Surah Ash-ShuraRead Surah Az-ZukhrufRead Surah Ad-DukhanRead Surah Al-JathiyahRead Surah Al-AhqafRead Surah MuhammadRead Surah Al-FathRead Surah Al-HujuratRead Surah QafRead Surah Ad-DhariyatRead Surah At-TurRead Surah An-NajmRead Surah Al-QamarRead Surah Ar-RahmanRead Surah Al-Waqi'ahRead Surah Al-HadidRead Surah Al-MujadilahRead Surah Al-HashrRead Surah Al-MumtahanahRead Surah As-SaffRead Surah Al-Jumu'ahRead Surah Al-MunafiqunRead Surah At-TaghabunRead Surah At-TalaqRead Surah At-TahrimRead Surah Al-MulkRead Surah Al-QalamRead Surah Al-HaqqahRead Surah Al-Ma'arijRead Surah NuhRead Surah Al-JinnRead Surah Al-MuzzammilRead Surah Al-MuddaththirRead Surah Al-QiyamahRead Surah Al-InsanRead Surah Al-MursalatRead Surah An-Naba'Read Surah An-Nazi'atRead Surah 'AbasaRead Surah At-TakwirRead Surah Al-InfitarRead Surah At-TatfifRead Surah Al-InshiqaqRead Surah Al-BurujRead Surah At-TariqRead Surah Al-A'laRead Surah Al-GhashiyahRead Surah Al-FajrRead Surah Al-BaladRead Surah Ash-ShamsRead Surah Al-LailRead Surah Ad-DuhaRead Surah Al-InshirahRead Surah At-TinRead Surah Al-'AlaqRead Surah Al-QadrRead Surah Al-BayyinahRead Surah Al-ZilzalRead Surah Al-'AdiyatRead Surah Al-Qari'ahRead Surah At-TakathurRead Surah Al-'AsrRead Surah Al-HumazahRead Surah Al-FilRead Surah Al-QuraishRead Surah Al-Ma'unRead Surah Al-KautharRead Surah Al-KafirunRead Surah An-NasrRead Surah Al-LahabRead Surah Al-IkhlasRead Surah Al-FalaqRead Surah An-NasDon't forget to rate the app.Privacy Policy: http://wiseapps.pk/read-quran-app/privacy-policy Learn More

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