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Real Combat Action Game 3D description

Real combat action puts in the gunner seat of most powerful army helicopter. Arm your chopper with multiple assault as well as sniper guns. Complete challenging missions strategically to clear the area from brutal enemies. Game consists of different battle areas each with different scenarios. You are supposed to kill all enemies with powerful and destructive guns. Take on snipers, heavy weapon specialists, tanks, helicopters and more! You are an assassin shooter hired to infiltrate secure regions. Be frontline gunship commando and fight until you are victorious. combat gamesThe one of the best army chopper game based in action category is the one and only real combat action. The game is made for army chopper lovers who are hard core fans of the army and there high advanced equipment’s for combat. The game provides every type of weapons to the user from assault guns to snipers for shooting the far away enemies. It is a warfare game which gives you the ultimate action for which you are awaiting from a long time. The helicopter would infiltrate the enemies and it will be rotating around the entire targeted area which you have to clear out with the weapons which were provided to you, there can be different types of missions which you have to clear, the strategy which to clear the area is totally based upon you and you can steer the way of the helicopter to which you desire. You are at the frontline and have to defend till the backup arrives. You are given a specific amount of ammos, so use them wisely and strategically, let’s not forget about the heavy guns such as rocket launcher and grenades which you would be able to acquire after collecting some points for playing the first few missions. helicopter games. combat gamesPlot:The rival country has announced to go on war with you and they have already have settled their camps near around your borders while they are also trying to infiltrate through the waters so pack up your gears and get ready for the counter attack and show them that what you are made of. The missions can vary place to place and sometimes you have to attack a battleship and destroy their equipment’s or maybe you would be given a target to take who might be a general or any high rank soldier. You would be given the choice to select from the given helicopters but remember at start you can only select one and afterwards you would be able to selects others and each of the helicopters turbulence can differ from area to area, so you have to basically be aware of that and try to select carefully. You would be given a few weapons to select from and you have to select them according to your mission if the mission is for target killing then sniper would be a better option for you take with yourself rather than an assault rifle where as for the mission of destroying goes, I think you need no introduction to the rocket launcher and such rifles. Shoot wisely because you are given a few amounts of ammos, Why this game?It has one of the best graphics which no such other games are able to provide. The game has been made according to the rules of Human Computer Relation which gives it the best User Interface and makes it easy to use while playing game or changing the games setting or any of the both. The army choppers which are so many and each of them have been given different types physical behavior according to the area and the mission’s behavior. The graphics of this game are so real & they have provided all the enemies with awesome dying effects which seem to bring a life into the game. The controls for shooting are perfectly placed and can be easily handled by all gender and age users. The effect of grenade and rocket are perfectly made just like the action movies, the sound of the choppers are recorded specially for this game and all the other sounds which can be heard in the background brings the real fun in the game. Learn More

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