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Take on a real rally revenge as you claim back the supreme rally driver title that has been stolen from you. In a week moment of rally competition, your opponent took advantage and surpassed you, while damaging your car in the process. This left you unable to rally ahead and win the race. Now it's time for revenge on the speedy streets, as you will have to prove you are ready to claim back your title. So jump behind the wheels of you incredibly speedy car and start rallying down the highway, letting nothing stand in your way to success. Rally away in full 3D mode and blast out all other cars on the streets in front of you. Race at the speed of light and change lanes to make sure you pop out all cars in traffic. Mark bonus points as well, to help you increase your health and get you more time and money. And while you race to full speed, make sure you also dodge the obstacles that might appear on the road ahead. They will damage your car and your overall heath, slowing you down at the same time. Strive to stay as long as possible in the competition, by collecting all the bonus points you possibly can. If you fail your mission though, don't be discouraged. Go to the shop and customize your car and energy level, using the money collected on the rally streets. Go back for the real rally revenge, more prepared and more determined to win this competition. For all times you were ripped off of your rally winner title, seek the real rally revenge as you go full speed to your desired goal.This fast-pased, adrenaline rising rally adventure is exactly what you need to have a fun filled day as you play racing games for Android. Just try it and see how great playing a high-quality 3D car game can be. The endless rally track will get you all hooked up and bring the passionate driver out of you, to get you to be the best you can be. Strive to stay alive for as long as possible, using the bonus lives and time you find on your way. Make sure you dodge the bumps in the road at the same time, to ensure you minimize the damage as much as you can. Not only will your car be damaged, but you will also be slowed down considerably if you bump into road blocks. So change lanes fast enough to avoid them and stay on the right path ahead. Glide from one lane to another to pick up rewards and bonuses and also to swipe out rival cars. Bump them one one by one till nothing else stands but you! Clear you way to highway success and get the revenge you long sought. So now that you know how to stay alive the longest in this fast race, all you need to do now is to focus on blasting out all other cars in traffic. Make sure nothing stands in your way as you seek perfect real rally revenge! Learn More

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