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Saiyan Arena Online - Beta description

Play with warriors around the world and fight to see who is the strongest!Unlock characters and transformations in order to overcome your fighting power!Controls:Button Triangle - Ki BlastButton O - Melee CoupButton Square - EnergizeF1 / F2 - Use powersButton X -First Click: JumpSecond Click: Double LeapThird Click + Hold (Ki Required): Fly (while you are flying, your ki will be consumed)Transformations:Must be unlocked in the store. When your character has a transformation, the ST bar will go up along with the power up, and at the end of the loading, the transformation will take place.Game Modes:Beginner,Deathmatch,Teammatch,God Battle4 Different maps for you to play!The game is still in the test phase, any bug reports are welcome.This game is not official and it is only a tribute to the original work.Thanks for playing, have fun. Learn More

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