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Shooters, welcome. You are good at shooting? Great, compare your skills with other shooters around the world. Shooting World Cup - SWC is a close to real sports shooting as a smartphone game can get – see for yourself. You will experience realistic rifle sway and you'll be using an almost exact replica of the actual two stage triggering mechanism that air guns have. How do we know that? Our team includes ex-sports shooters - some of them are continental championship medalists.

Shooting World Cup - SWC present to you an air rifle 10 meters, Olympic discipline. You'll use true-to-life air gun models, actual sport shooter's clothes, real target models and real RWS pellets. Even if you haven't tried out sport shooting yet, you're at the right place. The realistic mechanics of this game will improve your real life shooting skills as well.

The online tournaments will make you feel like a real sports shooter. After every bad shot you will be feeling anger, but also the need for improvement. And after every good shot you'll feel the rush! In this sport, there is no direct opponent – nobody is better than you. You are the only one responsible for your score, good or bad. Sport shooting is mostly a mental sport – and the winner is the person with the most focus and calmness, so take a deep breath, take up your rifle and hit the center (10.9).

Air rifle monthly or special tournament
Be one of the 500 players in the world – reserve your spot in the finals
Win the good, excellent and master shooter awards

Doesn't require internet connection, unlimited tries, free pellets

Pellets – RWS
Rifles – Anschutz, Feinwerkbau, Walther
Targets – Sius AG
Clothing – Monard

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Recent changes:
- trophys are now shown after coming back from shooting to menu
- tutorial is now reset if shot is not made first time, and game is not stuck at waiting screen
- minor colorpicker GUI fixes

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