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Start improving your sleep today with SleepRate, the most reliable off-the-shelf sleep solution available. Life is better after a good night’s sleep!
"Sleep's Best Kept Secret: A treatment for insomnia that's not a pill!" - TIME Magazine
“The data-driven advice was the most substantial I received all week.” - Wall Street Journal
* Stop Insomnia and start sleeping better today!
* Unlimited Sleep Monitoring and Sleep Analytics
* Natural, no pills and no side effects
* Based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from Stanford University
Using SleepRate and a heart rate sensor* you can track your sleep and get accurate sleep analytics for as many nights as you wish. The heart rate sensor wirelessly transmits data to the SleepRate app.
*A Polar H7 heart rate sensor comes with SleepRate’s Sleep Improvement Kit found at www.sleeprate.com or you can use your own! SleepRate also works with 60beat BLUE Heart Rate, Armour 39 by Under Armour, Cardiosport Bluetooth smart, and Zephyr. Note that SleepRate works best with a Polar H7 sensor.
Heart Rate Monitoring And Sleep Quality
SleepRate uses sophisticated mathematical analysis of your heart rate variability to understand how you sleep. Using accurate readings of your heart rate, SleepRate detects how long it takes you to fall asleep, how many times you wake up at night and for how long, what your sleep stages are throughout the night and if there are other sleep disturbances.
Snoring And Environmental Noises
Using your phone’s microphone, SleepRate detects noises in your sleep environment. It correlates these noises with your sleep patterns to identify if they are disrupting your sleep. Environmental noises could include a truck picking up trash on Tuesdays or a snoring bed partner.
Detailed Sleep Analysis Report
Every morning, you’ll get detailed information about your sleep. The data includes your total sleep time, sleep stages and much more. You can also see graphs of snoring events, heart rate and relaxation levels during the night, and listen to snoring events and environmental noises that woke you up.

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