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Just tap on "Bedtime" button before you sleep! Easy step for pleasant sleep.Campaign on the release of iPhone version! Sleep report function that is usually offered for 99 yen is now for free!Smart Sleep Manager is a sophisticated alarm clock for deep sleep and refreshed awakening.✓Total of 30 tunes are available for Lull Sound that induces deep sleep and alarm sound that wakes you up with comfort!✓Smart Alarm monitors your sleep and wakes you up while you're in REM sleep.✓Daily & monthly sleep report helps You find your best sleep rhythm.✓Alarm options such as snooze, repeat and vibration can be customized for each alarm!✓Easy operation with one-touch widget!Smart Sleep Manager is a multi-functional alarm clock designed to improve your sleep, fully loaded with functions which is good for those who have trouble getting to sleep or waking up, and who want to have better sleep habit.Lull Sound function helps you to fall asleep fast and relaxed. Good for those who suffer from insomnia, who have trouble getting to sleep or who need more relaxation in sleeping.Smart Alarm function is available for those who always wake up feeling tired, who turn off the alarm only to fall back to sleep or who have trouble waking up in the morning due to hypotension.Smart Alarm function monitors body movements using accelerometer in your smartphone and activates the alarm when you're in light sleep. Note that when Smart Alarm is turned on, alarm will go off prior to the alarm time.In addition to the above, Sleep Report function keeps track of your hours of sleep, bedtime, wake-up time, sleep cycle and sleep evaluation of each day.Just tap the "Bedtime" button when you sleep and tap the "Wake-up" button when you wake up to use the Sleep Report function. This function helps you to find the tendency of your sleep and the healthy cycle for your comfortable sleep.Please make use of this app for healthy sleep habit of your family and yourself.◇♦Main Features:♦◇✓"Smart Alarm" detects light sleep automatically and rings the alarm. ✓Soothing ”Lull Sounds" induces comfortable sleep. Original healing sound recorded in stereo, classical music and environmental sound are available. (Works better with a headphone.)✓You can check summary of your sleep and original sleep evaluation based on hours of sleep and waveform data with "Sleep Report".✓Try "Wake-up task" when you have trouble getting up or when you don't want to oversleep.✓Auto silent mode and auto airplane mode are available for those who don't want to be disturbed by ringtone or alert tone while sleeping. ✓Once you create a widget on the home screen, you can launch sleep log with a single tap.◇♦About Paid Sound♦◇•Lull Sound example•Alarm sound exampleFive tunes are available free of charge for Lull Sound and alarm sound for each. You can purchase other paid sounds with in-app billing. (99yen for one tune.)♦SupportIf you have any request or question about this app, please email us at the following address.jukusui@c2inc.co.jp♦About app permissionsNETWORK COMMUNICATIONSUsed to download music data.PHONE CALLUsed to control the sound volume of alarm sound and Lull Sound.SYSTEM TOOLUsed to control the volume and to prevent the system to sleep while downloading music data or acquiring sleep log.STORAGEUsed to save music data. Learn More

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