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Speed Master: Memory Cleaner 2 description

The Android operating system is one of the most reliable and steady OS around. Users can get the maximum number of tasks done with ease and relative speed, without having to worry burdening the devices too much. Speed Master : Memory Cleaner is free app for remove junk files and release memory from dirty data consumption But as the device’s and the OS get older, that snappiness gets away and the OS is not able to handle multiple and heavy tasks for the device. Speed Master or Memory Booster also known as junk cleaner used to release cache , uninstall extra or useless app by the help of App Manager feature present in Speed Master Junk remover.The usual cause is the accumulation of junk files and cache inside the system, hindering the performance and slowing down phone speed. Memory Cleaner Pro acts as poker manager to gets rid of all this unusable cache and unwanted junk files to refresh the operating system of devices, restoring performance at optimum level.FeaturesCACHE CLEANER- Get a detailed memory analysis with stats on memory occupied by ongoing processes and running apps- View occupied and free storage space on your phone- Cache Cleaner also called space cleaner to clean extra junks space- Easily optimize and remove cache data and junk files with one tapPROCESS MANAGER- View all installed applications of phone in listed format- Options to sort apps by name, size and date- Get useful statistics on individual apps - Uninstall apps in batch operation by selecting multiple appsBROWSER AND CALL HISTORY- Clear old call logs in phone, browser and playstore history- Clear file and search history from different browsers in the phone- Select multiple entries from phone call records to clear desired data COOLER MASTER - Cooler master or cooling phone feature is a feature that helps you to clean up applications that can overload the system, especially gadgets that have low RAM Memory (Random Access Memory).- This application is designed it to be easily used by both beginners as well as expert users.With one click, your Android refreshed or you can kill selected app. Phone Cooler Tips: Why does my phone overheat? Constantly high CPU usage is mostly the main reason of why your phone overheats. Some apps tend to use the CPU for a very long time in the background running apps, which causes your phone , especially android phones to produce excessive heat.How dose Device Cooler feature works? Phone Cooler feature of memory cleaner is designed to monitor the CPU usage of your phone, and detect apps with high CPU usage so you can close themWhy does my phone get so hot? It’s normal for your phone to get hot when you are using complicated apps, watching video clips, or while you recharge it. In such cases, just put your phone somewhere cool and ventilated, and the temperature should drop soon. Learn More

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