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Little sports fan are getting excited to compete in this new "unofficial" Olympics style free game. They select their own country, play as cute mascots, select any of the 10 summer games, earn medals, make new records, challenge their friends' medals tally, make their country win in global rankings, and simply have lots of fun. Kindergarten children will have true stadium and sports arena sensation with the crowd cheering, countdowns, timers, flags, balloons and more. This educational game has skills focused playing and learning: improve hand-eye co-ordination, fine motor skills, confidence, problem solving skills, competitive skills, and puzzle solving.10 sports mini games :-High Jump: our little mascot needs your help, be precise and press the jump button at the right moment to make sure he gets the best score while jumping high over the bar.Sprint: Get ready, get set, GO! It’s a tricky path ahead, numerous single and double hurdles are in your way, and it’s your job to help our cute mascot jump over them without losing speed and get to the finish line to win the gold trophy. Running: run as fast as you can – press the run button repeatedly to help our mascot reach the finish line faster and don’t forget to press the boost-sprint button once you see it, as it will help you reach the maximum speed - become the next Usain Bolt.Swimming: Don’t wait till summer to take a dip in the pool. Our mascots are excellent swimmers but they need your help to swim even faster - tap the two buttons alternatively and help win the gold medal.Basketball: It’s time to shoot some hoops, you have limited time though, you can score up to 20 points for a single shot after 5 consecutive shots. Practice makes one perfect, make a swish into the net and a future NBA star will be born. American Football: A game for the true NFL fan – point and kick that ball to get it inside the end zone in between the football goal posts, but be careful, the shooting angle changes all the time so adapt your aiming skills in order to have the top score.Bowling: (cute animal balls) It’s a Strike! Little bowlers will enjoy this modified bowling game where both the ball and the pins are animal shaped. Aim your ball at the right angle to knock down all the cute animal balls, they’re asleep but not for long!Darts: Are you a skilled archer, then you’ll enjoy this balloon darts game. Aim and shoot the dart and hit the bulls-eye every time to get the highest score. Rafting: Row-row-row your boat gently down the stream… We’re not here to sing kids, you need to help our little buddies get to the finish line as fast as possible by avoiding the shore and sand islands in the fast flowing river.Formula Racing: Formula One fans, we’ve got one mini racing game for you too; pass all the other racers in the race track and try not to hit them in order to cross the finish line in the quickest time.Coming soon!!! – That’s right, this is not the end, we’re busy making some new mini games to add to our championship, follow the updates!Privacy Disclosure: As parents ourselves, iAbuzz takes children's wellness and privacy very seriously. Our app does not collect personal data. But yes, it does contain advertising as that’s our means of providing the app free of cost to you – the ads are carefully placed such that the kid is least likely to click on it while playing.Feedback Please:If you have any feedback and suggestions on how we could further improve the design and interaction of our apps and games, please visit our website http://iabuzz.com/ or leave us a message at kids@iabuzz.com. We would be glad to hear from you as we are committed to update all of our apps and games on a regular basis with new features and also want to get some ideas for future app development. Learn More

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