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Note- Transparent Screen is a fun app and doesn't change your device, it's just offer you a see through wallpaper. With this app you can apply a transparent screen live wallpaper to your screen. It uses the back camera in order for you to see anything behind your phone or tablet.Your phone functionality remains the same while having the ability to see through your phone with the help of this clear screen. A transparent background can help you see what's ahead of you while using your phone.Features:✔ Set transparent view with a click.✔Authentic clear screen wallpaper.✔ Use your phone while walking when you see through camera or prank your friends.✔ Free transparency app, works smoothly on phones and tablets. ✔ transparent home screen – you can see anything behind your phone or tablet.Set your background into your surroundings with the use of your rear camera. Make your texts, apps, and home screen virtually display on a piece of transparent glass. The transparent camera wallpaper makes you unique from others that use static backgrounds or animated live wallpapers. You can still use your device normally while being able to see your surroundings in the camera live wallpaper. Impress your friends and tell them that your phone is so advance, that it’s just a transparent piece of glass! Another great feature is that you have a see through screen and you can see anything that your device's camera can capture while talking to somebody, walking while texting and so much more. Refresh the look of your phone with this transparent theme. Forget about bumping into somebody while you are busy with your phone. See what's lies behind your mobile ahead of time. The clear phone screen is also very useful and convenient if you're the type shy type who wants to spy on other people and not be noticed. You can use it to make others think you are reading, while you are viewing what's behind your screen. You don’t need anything else to make you aware of your surroundings, no need to divert your focus from your phone.Prank your friends by showing them your transparent phone screen. Make them confused by handing them the device and asking them what happened. It’s so realistic that it would take moments for your buddies to understand that you are messing with them. Easily apply this camera background. You can set it off at any time, by turning of the camera wallpaper on the front page of the app. REMINDER:This transparent screen prank is only a fun app, to watch your surroundings or fool your friends with a temporary transparent display. It is free to use and share. It is not a transparent screen launcher, only one that uses the camera app. Since this app uses that camera app, it can affect your phone’s battery consumption. It simulates the clear phone screen in a realistic way, with no actual harm to your device. You can read our privacy policy here - Learn More

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